What is a composite filling ?


Why do people need fillings ?

Decays and cavities are the most common health problem affecting human race.

Anyone with a tooth can get caries. Almost all individuals in their lifetime would have experienced a tooth decay. Some might be painful, however painless cases are also found.

Cavities are permanent thus if they are left untreated they can eventually increase in size. So that its always better to treat before they enlarge in size as the hole or cavity can initiate a good bacterial communication with the teeth.

Dental Fillings

Fillings may be permanent or temporary. Temporary fillings are those which are placed for a week inorder to monitor those tooth which have potential chance of infection. They are semipermanent and areint meant to last long. If it stays asymptomatic for a week they are usually replaced with permanent one whereas any unpleasant symptoms suggest immediate removal of the filling followed by root canal treatment or tooth removal. These are selected mostly according to the condition of tooth of the tooth and extent of decay.

Most common type of fillings are tooth colored composite fillings and glass ionomer fillings (these release fluoride and are most commonly used to fill decay below gum line).

Both of these are biocompatible and donot cause any irritation or infections to the tooth and its surrounding structures. And also have the capability to arrest further decay by completely filling the hole or cavity.

If proper care is given after filling , they may last unaffected for a very long time without any symptoms. Sensitivity and pain can be thus resolved by filling the tooth as soon as the cavity is noticed.

What are composite fillings ?

Aesthetic fillings or tooth colored fillings are the most frequently used dental service for the decayed tooth. Even though amalgam was the most commonly used dental filling material over a decade, composite has slowly taken its place and has become the most popular alternative that almost all demand for.

Are you concerned of any dark colour fillings in your mouth?
Do you wish to change it to a more aesthetic option?

Yes! We are here to help you…

But have you ever thought what they are made of? And what makes them this strong to bear all these masticatory stress?

Composites are made of resin which is mixed with glass or quartz particles to make it hard and durable.  Also, they chemically bind to teeth, increasing its durability.

Now many of you might be thinking how they can match your tooth color right?

As they are available in different shades of white, various options are available according to the other natural teeth color.
Also, these can be placed in most areas of the mouth, including anterior front teeth, which retains its natural look.


Where are they placed ?

Can be used to restore most of the decayed teeth.
Can mask discoloration of the teeth.
Midline diastema or space between 2 anterior teeth can be closed aesthetically with composites.

Process of placement of composite filling ?

As composite bind to tooth surface easily, very little tooth preparation is only required for its placement.
Decay is carefully removed from the tooth surface.
Etchant is applied on the surface to receive restoration which is washed off after 30 seconds.
This is followed by cleaning and proper isolation to prevent water contamination.
Proper light curing is done after placement of Bonding agent.
Composite of the natural tooth color is packed in the cavity and cured.

Pros of composite fillings

Less likely to fall off.
Bonds quickly to tooth surface.
Can be placed in single visit
Gives natural appearance.
Less tooth preparation required to place the filling.

What post treatment care is required after composite restoration ?

You can continue with your daily activities soon after getting your cavity filled with composite.

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Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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