Removable complete and partial dentures

Dentures are essential mouth guards that replaces teeth and supporting structures with a removable prosthesis that can be removed as per the will of the patient.
These can be replacing all of the missing teeth (COMPLETE DENTURE) and can also replace some of them (PARTIAL DENTURE).

Benefits of having a Denture

They help to smile confidently.

Replacing lost teeth not only improve your smile but also increase your self-esteem. This will bring back your old beautiful profile look.

They aid in chewing.

Dentures help to improve masticatory function and help patient to take food according to the will.

Also aid in speech.

Missing tooth create spaces and gap which affects speech. These impairments in speech can be solved from the moment you receive a denture.

Also prevent bone and gum loss.

Loss of teeth eventually result in loss of gum and bone surrounding them. That is the reason why it is always said to get the gap filled as soon as it is formed, with dentures being one of the option.

Complete Denture

Complete dentures can be either immediate or conventional. They help to fill out your face which may have looked sunken due to loss of teeth.

Dentures not only improve dental health but also improve your physical health as they helps to bring back your chewing efficiency.

Immediate dentures can be inserted soon after the removal of teeth so that patient doesn’t want to stay toothless during the healing period.

However, these can be considered only as a temporary solution as it may require frequent adjustments during and after the healing period and should be replaced with conventional denture in future.
Conventional dentures are placed 8 to 12 weeks after teeth extraction when the gums and bone are found to be in adequate health to receive them.

COMPLETE DENTURE-prosthodontics

How to get the treatment for complete denture ?

Treatment starts with initial clinical examination to determine current status of oral health.

Proper investigation is done to rule out any interferences that may affect the process of denture making and fitting.

Pre prosthetic surgical procedures might be required in some cases with irregular bony contours, sharp and abnormal projections, to increase denture foundation area, to increase height of bone receiving denture and also to improve the quality of tissue available for supporting the prosthesis.

This is followed by registering all the details with impression and a model is poured out of it to receive a replica of the patient’s oral cavity. Later, shade selection and jaw relation procedures are performed.

After the completion of lab procedures, dentures will be delivered to you at the earliest after the trials.

Adaptation of denture is checked during the delivery.

Slight discomfort is common after denture placement and you might require some time to get adapted with the new teeth. However, eventually you’ll get the same level of functionality and control as with your real teeth.

Partial Denture

Partial denture share similar characteristics of complete denture. Unlike complete dentures they do not cover all over the jaws, instead only cover the area with missing teeth.

Process of getting the denture 

Process is almost similar to complete denture fabrication.

Clinical examination and pre prosthetic preparations are done to prepare the area to receive it.
This is followed by registration of details with impression and shade selection of teeth.
And the denture will be delivered at the earliest after the lab proceedings.

Eating with New Denture

It might take a week or two to get adjusted with your new companion. Start with soft food and get familiarise with the process, and as the time goes slowly introduce your regular diet.

Denture Care

Run water over your dentures after having food in order to wash out the debris and food particles.
Clean your mouth after removing dentures with a soft bristled brush.
Dentures should also be cleaned with soft bristled brush.
Soak denture in water over night.
Handle them carefully.
Visit us if you find any discomfort.

Frequently Asked

For more queries contact us.

How do I care for my dentures?

Clean your dentures with soft tooth brush to remove food debris and bacteria from its surface. Also, soak your denture overnight in water

Can I eat normally with my new dentures?

It usually takes time to adapt with new denture .however, gradually you will feel comfortable and can take food as how you had it with your natural teeth.

Is it painful to wear them?

Discomfort that you may feel at the beginning is quite normal. But if you experience severe pain and irritation, take professional help.

Is it possible to put dentures soon after the removal of my natural teeth?

Yes, you can take the help of immediate dentures which are placed soon after the removal of the natural teeth. Also, this helps to maintain your appearance during the healing period.

How long do they last?

If the denture is of perfect fit and quality, it can last for a lifetime. However the time span varies according to the way you maintain and care your denture.

Can I color match my partial denture with rest of my teeth?

Yes they are fabricated according to the remaining tooth color and form.

Can I sleep with my dentures?

It is always advisable to remove dentures while you sleep in order to provide rest to your gum and bone.

Will dentures affect my speech?

It’s normal to notice slight discomfort during the initial days with denture which will be resolved gradually.

Will it affect my appearance or will I look different with denture?

No, dentures are fabricated according to your facial form and full appearance. Even trial with wax pattern and teeth is performed before the delivery of you denture which helps you to see how they may look in your mouth.

How many times a day should I clean my denture?

It should be cleaned at least twice a day with your tooth brush to remove debris.


Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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