Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The art of dental implant enables metal titanium post to get implanted surgically into the jaw to support a prosthetic tooth.  Implants also hold dentures and dental bridges in position.

Implants are mostly prefered as they resemble nature teeth in appearence and feel.

Implant crowns

Implant crowns are the finishing touches after dental implants have been installed. These devices are placed on the abutment fitted on the external facing end of the implant and they look just like real teeth.

Implant supported overdentures.

These are the kind of removable dentures connected to dental implants. The implants are fitted with a special mechanism that clicks with the dentures to lock them securely.

Basal implants

Biocortical implantology is a modern system which utilises the basal cortical portion of the jaw bone for the retention of the dental implants. This helps in the rehabilitation of partially or completely edentulous patients.

Frequently Asked

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Is dental implant safe?

Yes, dental implant placement is a safe and effective procedure if performed on healthy patients. It should be done under proper care and precautions to avoid post infections.

  1. Dental implant procedure should be avoided on patinets having Heart Disease with defective valves, cardiac insufficiency, cardiomyopathy, recent cardiac infarcts.
  2. Radiotherapy treatment
  3. Active cancer patients.
  4. Patients with bone diseases like osteomalacia, Paget’s disease, etc.
  5. Patients under cancer treatment.
  6. Patients with immunological disorders
  7. Patients under immuno suppressants.
  8. Immuno compromised patients

And further evaluation should be done on patinets who are Diabetic , pregnant , dependent drug, alcohol and tobacco users.

Can other people notice my implant as an artificial tooth?

No , as the implants have a natural appearance they completely mimic natural tooth form. They lack wires , metals and donot take support of any other neighbouring tooth making it difficult for others to differentiate it from other natural tooth in the oral cavity.

Is there any age limit to place an implant?

It is preferable to place implants in patients over 18 years to make sure that they reach skeletal maturity . This fact is very important as placing during growth period may lead to other serious implications .

There is no upper limit for the placement of implants , one with healthy gum , good oral hygiene and adequate bone support can take the treatment .

Can I have implants to replace several missing teeth?

Single tooth replacements can be done with the help of single implant .If more than one tooth is missing bridges , partial dentures and full dentures can be delivered with implant support.

Am I a good candidate to have a dental implant?

One can proceed thinking about dental implant procedure if they have:

  • Good medical and oral health maintenance
  • Sufficient bone support around the area of implant placement
  • Healthy gum with no signs of gum diseases
  • Non smoker
  • Over the age of 18 years
Are dental implant permanent?

Yes it is a permanent solution for those with missing tooth.

They have a net success rate of more than 98%

Can i remove dental implants at home?

No dental implants are permanenty fixed into bone and cannot be removed at home.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is done under proper local anesthesia which numbs the whole associated structure. This ensures a complete painless atmosphere . Immediate post treatment pain can be relieved with proper medications and care.


Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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