Pediatric Root Canal Treatment

“What is the need of doing such an invasive procedure on a milk tooth which will shed off in a short time period?” This is one of the most common query parents have when their kids are advised to have a root canal therapy.

Milk tooth or deciduous tooth emerge into oral cavity by 6 months after birth and stays till 12 years of age. During this whole process of eruption and shedding there is high chance for these tooth to get decayed , infected and broken . once they are infected beyond control the only two treatment options that can be administered are root canal treatment and extraction

This is where most of the parents get confused.

When you extract a tooth before their physiological shedding time there is high chance and tendency for the nearest tooth to shift and occupy that space complicating the complete arch form.

This may result in space loss and the succedaneous permanent tooth will erupt in wrong position resulting in crowding of arch.

This complication  can be avoided if root canal treatment is done in correct time. In this procedure the affected tooth is cleaned by removing infections and pulp (nerves and vessels or the living tissue) followed by packing a medication inside to maintain the tooth in the oral cavity till its physiological eruption time.

Root canal therapy can save the child’s tooth. There is no age limit to undergo the procedure. This can help the permanent tooth to come properly into the mouth and this can also improve child’s speech development and bite.

Frequently Asked

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What are the indications of child root canal treatment or pulpectomy?

Pulpectomy procedure is indicated when primary tooth gets infection from extensive caries or decay , trauma and tooth fracture.

Is there any difference between pulpectomy and root canal treatment?

In pulpectomy(child root canal treatment) after removal of the pulp tissue , canal is filled with a material which can quickly resorb along with the tooth resorption (for shedding) . But in adult root canal treatment ,the tooth is filled with a permanent filling(gutta percha).

Why is pulpectomy better than extraction?

Early loss of primary tooth can close the space needed for the eruption of permanenet tooth . This can further lead to crowding of permanent teeth in future. Whereas preserving the primary infected tooth can prevent loss of space and  at the same time can improve child’s chewing ability speech and swallow.

When it is the time for the primary tooth to fall off , the tooth root may resorb and fall out making way for permanent tooth.

Is pulpectomy procedure painfull?

Slight discomfort and pain is common with pulpectomy patients in the initial days .This can be prevented with pain medications.

What all symptoms indicate that my child require root canal treatment?
  • Lingering sensitivity to cold liquids.
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot liquids.
  • Sensitivity to sweets.
  • Pain to biting pressure.
  • Pain that is referred from a tooth to another area, such as the neck, temple etc.

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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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