Oral Medicine and Radiology

This branch of dentistry is a unique field which combines Medicine and Radiology to deal with various head and neck pathologies. Also, it serves as a bridge connecting dentistry and medicine.

In many instances lesions in mouth indicate the presence of systemic diseases and here an oral medicine specialist can best decide investigations to be followed to detect hidden problems.

Oral medicine focus on diagnosis and medical management of various diseases and conditions whereas radiology aids in conforming the diagnosis with the help of radiographic interpretations.

Furthermore this speciality helps in the diagnosis of:
Red and white lesions

Lesions in oral cavity shows varied clinical appearance from white to mixed and red color.

For instance, diseases like leukoplakia, candidiasis, oral submucus fibrosis and leukoedema gives complete white color whereas haemangioma, purpura, ecchymosis gives complete red color.

Mixed white and red lesions include thermal and chemical burns, mucositis, erosive lichen planus, lupus erythematosis and speckled leukoplakia.

White lesions describe any abnormal area appearing whiter than the surrounding tissue.

All these lesions require individual treatment varying from surgical excision to topical medicine application. Hence, it is very important to seek a professional help when one come across any abnormal lesion in oral cavity.

Oral pathologies

Oral pathologies refers to the diseases of the oral cavity and associated structures.

They include cysts, tumors, lesions involving bone, bacterial fungal and viral infections affecting oral cavityetc..

These should be diagnosed as early as possible to prevent progress of the condition.

Orofacial pain

Any pain in the mouth, jaws and face is orofacial pain. These can arise due to multiple reasons, however more than 95% pain is of dental origin. Other sources include muscle pain, neuropathic pain (from nerves), bone pain, pain from sinus, salivary gland associated pain, ear pain, headache etc.

Orofacial pain
Temperomandibular joint disorders

A joint is an area where two bones are attached for movement. TMJ is the jaw joint and is responsible for jaw movements which includes speaking, chewing, yawning etc.

Any condition giving rise to pain, tenderness and limitation of jaw movements comes under TMJ disorders.

Temperomandibular joint -disorders
Salivary dysfunction

Saliva is referred as aqua vita of mouth and is important to maintain overall oral health. It helps in lubrication of mouth, antimicrobial action, digestion and also help in taste sensation.

A number of diseases can affect salivary glands which may range from serious cancerous tumors to gland infections and all of these have serious impact on oral and general health.

Proper care at right time can solve them without worsening the scenario

Oral ulcers or mucosal diseases
Oral Ulcers

Ulcers are small sores that occur in lips, gums, inner cheeks and roof of mouth.

They may occur as a result infections (bacterial, fungal, viral), allergic reactions, accidental biting, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep etc.

Most ulcers present with pain and discomfort with a maximum healing time of one week.

If it takes longer time to heal, get a professional advice at the earliest as they might indicate an underlying systemic disease.

Oral cancer
oral cancer Treatment

Oral cancer most commonly affect tongue however, they may also occur at other oral sites. Risk factors for oral cancer include tobacco, alcohol, betel quid,radiations, viral infections like HPV , fungal infections like candidiasis ,chemicals ,sunlight etc..

Intrinsic factors include immunosuppression , genetic predisposition, age, gender, hormonal.

Any swelling or lesion bothering you?

Are you in doubt?

We have our in-house team of doctors who are expert in evaluating and diagnosing your lesions with proper clinical examination and biopsies.



Radiovisiography or Digital imaging X Ray is one of the latest imaging technique in dentistry providing best quality image with minimal radiation exposure. Moreover , time taken to process image is very minimal when compared with traditional radiography.  Similarly, it also provides flexibility in changing the contrast and size for further investigations helping the dentist to perform procedure with ease.

Also, this helps in accurate and precise diagnosis bringing out the best treatment option to the patient.


Shifa Dental Clinic
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Oral /medicine and Radiologist
Dr. Anis Ahmed MDS

After graduating BDS from Yenepoya Dental College (R.G.U.H.S) in 2005 Dr Anis specialised in Oral Medicine and Radiology. He had also taken post graduate diploma in Forensic Odontology in 2015 .

Presently he is the Professor and Head of Department in PSM   College of Dental Science and Research  (Akkikavu)


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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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