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Being one of the fastest growing area in dentistry fixed teeth aligning procedure has evolved into a thriving field over the years.

Fixed Teeth aligning procedure can be done on adult patients with no upper age limit if the health of teeth is good and maintained. This is not only a procedure to change the overall profile, this also enhance patients personality which can further increase the overall confidence.
Leaving skewed teeth intact can further lead to many dental health issues in future like tooth decay, gum diseases and many more. Therefore it is always important to get appropriate treatment at correct time to prevent further dental health issues.
These appliances as the term suggests are fixed forms which cannot be removed as per the will of patient therefore, patient cooperation is the most important factor for the success of the treatment.

Braces are placed on tooth inorder to straighten up or aligne the tooth according to the profile of the patient. Thus they help us to correct irregular tooth position, crowding of teeth, gaps or spaces and also irregular bite position as they are capable of bringing a variety of tooth movements.
The procedure basically involves the use of brackets, bands, and wires. There are different types of braces available starting from the traditional metal braces to tooth colored ceramic braces.

Traditional metal braces

When one hears about braces the picture that suddenly rushes into the mind is of some metal clips on the front surface of tooth connected with metal wires and elastics.Eventhough we have a number of other options available in fixed orthodontic procedure, this form is still popular in the field due to the impact they have in correcting problems or because how well they solve the problem.

Ceramic braces

They works almost same as that of traditional braces bringing tooth movements in desired direction. Comparatively they add up more into aesthetic side as they mimics the tooth color where traditional gives metallic color. Overall aesthetic view of this form is better than the traditional braces helping to improve the overall confidence and personality of the patient.

Lingual braces

Working similar to traditional braces lingual braces helps to bring required tooth movement. These are placed behind the tooth thereby serving cosmetic purpose masking the metal color and brackets.
These are of high demand for those patients who are concerned about their aesthetic appearance as the front surface of the teeth will remain intact throughout the procedure.

Care after orthodontic treatment is very important as these tend to collect debris. Therefore it is very important to keep tooth and supporting structures healthy by cleaning them after every meal.

Frequently Asked

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How do I know whether I need an orthodontic treatment ?

If your teeth is crowded , malaligned or if there is irregular spaces in between teeth , orthodontic treatment is indicated.

Does the treatment hurt?

Mild pain and discomfort is common with fixed braces during adjustments and tightening.

But this will last only for a day or two and can be relieved with pain medications.

How long does fixed braces treatment take?

This completely depends on the individual problem and treatment plan.

On an average  it lies in between 6 months to 2 years.

How to brush with braces on my teeth?

You can brush with the help of an orthodontic brush . their brush bristles are arranged in such a way to clean in between brackets . As oral hygiene is one of the important factor to be maintained during orthodontic therapy brushing inbetween meals is recommended.

Is there any diet restriction to follow while wearing fixed braces?

Certain foods and drinks should be avoided during the treatment which include:

  • Hard , chewy and sticky food
  • Sugary and acidic drinks
  • Raw vegetables and fruits should be cut down to small pieces before being eaten.
Is it necessary to wear a retainer after fixed braces therapy?

Yes, definitely you need to get a retainer after fixed brace therapy to retain the newly moved teeth in its new position inorder to prevent relapse.

Do braces affect speech?

In the initial days of treatment one may experience slight speech problems and will get resolved in time .

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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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    Shifa Dental Clinic provide team based, comprehensive dental care for children & adults including patients of all age.

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